Hannah Merrill


Ms. Merrill Woodward joined the Staton Silber, P.S. team in the fall of 2023 as Receptionist and has since expanded her role to provide enhanced support to clients, attorneys, and staff.  In her position, she efficiently manages administrative duties and services as the first point of contact for the office, ensuring a welcoming and organized environment.

Beyond her reception responsibilities, Ms. Merrill Woodward actively facilitates communication between all stakeholders involved in claims. Her dedication to building strong connections with clients and supporting them throughout the L&I process is evident in her compassionate and proactive approach. Ms. Woodward’s ability to seamlessly integrate into various aspects of the firm’s operations makes her an invaluable asset to the Staton Silber, P.S. team.


Bachelor of Arts, American Politics, University of Puget Sound, 2023

Personal Background

Outside of the office, Hannah transforms into an urban explorer, discovering the city’s hidden corners and surrounding gems.  She also enjoys scaling rock walls with the determination of a mountain goat and spending quality time with friends.

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