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Why Work with an Attorney?

Have you or a loved one suffered an on-the-job injury?  The effects of a workplace injury can have a devastating impact on you and your family.  You might find yourself unable to work and struggling to make ends meet or having difficulty finding a good doctor and quality medical care.  You are not alone.  These are common problems injured workers face in Washington State.

Workers’ compensation insurance is supposed to be a safety net for individuals injured at or by their work but getting necessary treatment and financial support from L&I or a self-insured employer can seem like an uphill battle.  At a minimum, an injured worker is entitled to payment of treatment recommended by their doctor, but also compensation for time lost due to the injury or occupational disease, retraining if returning to work isn’t feasible within physical limitations, skills, and education, or an L&I pension if the injury results in permanent incapacity for any form of employment.

Unfortunately, our laws are extremely complicated, and the Department of Labor and Industries and self-insured employers routinely dispute payment for recommended treatment or prematurely terminate benefits to control their bottom line at the expense of an injured worker’s health and wallet.  Not making the right decisions, especially early on in your claim, can expose opportunity for these entities to deny treatment or terminate compensation, which can have devastating economic consequences for you and your family.  Understanding your rights, the benefits to which you are entitled, and the appropriate steps you should take to safeguard your interests is critical to your ability to recover from your injury without interference from L&I and your employer.  A simple call with a Seattle-based workers’ compensation lawyer or workplace attorney, in general, may be the only thing standing between you and a successful resolution to your case.

Why Work with Staton Silber, P.S.?

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Education matters but equally important are the decades of experience our attorneys have working with L&I claims managers, self-insurers, medical providers, vocational consultants, defense attorneys, and other key players in the workers’ compensation arena.

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Our firm is serious about helping individuals whether it be as their legal representative or providing free advice when an attorney is not necessary.

Helping You Maximize the Benefits You Receive

Our goal is to secure the maximum amount of benefits that are available to you.  Here are a few of those possible benefits.

Claim Resolution Settlements

A Claim Resolution Settlement Agreement provides a lump-sum payout for all but medical treatment benefits and may provide greater financial security than a permanent partial disability award.

Time Loss

Time loss compensation provides wage replacement benefits to workers unable to work due to injury, ensuring income during recovery.

Permanent Partial Disability

PPD benefits compensate workers for permanent impairments that partially limit their ability to work, calculated based on severity.


Pension benefits provide lifelong payments to workers who are permanently and totally disabled due to workplace injuries.

Medical Treatment

Workers' compensation covers necessary medical treatments for injured workers, including doctor visits, surgeries, and rehabilitation services.


Retraining benefits support workers in acquiring new skills or education if they can't return to their previous job due to injury.

What Makes Us Different

At Staton Silber, P.S., we appreciate you have many options for legal advice and representation.  What sets us apart are our attorneys who are deeply involved in every aspect and stage of your case.  We prioritize open communication as a cornerstone of trust.  Unlike the typical limited contact with a work injury attorney you’ll find at other firms, our clients benefit from direct access to our attorneys throughout the entirety of their case.

Our firm is deeply committed to innovative problem-solving.  Our workers’ compensation attorneys strive to offer our clients creative and unique settlement options, drawing on our thorough understanding of workers’ compensation laws and extensive legal experience.

Moreover, Staton Silber, P.S., is proud of its proactive approach to claims management.  By staying ahead of L&I and anticipating potential challenges, we’re able to significantly reduce the risk of L&I and self-insured employers interfering with your benefits.  Our Seattle-based workers’ compensation attorneys regularly collaborate to develop effective legal strategies and work hand-in-hand with our clients to empower them with the knowledge and claim resolution options to help make decisions that serve their best interests.

Meet Our Founders

Robert Silber and Natasha Staton

Drawing on over 50 years of combined legal experience, our attorneys provide creative solutions for disputes involving complex medical conditions. We enjoy a well-earned reputation for relentlessly pursuing and obtaining treatment benefits and other workers’ compensation for our clients from some of Washington’s largest employers. We carefully consider and counsel our clients on the impact of collateral benefits such as Social Security disability, unemployment compensation, and short-term and long-term disability. No case is too complicated. And we never forget we are here for you.

Don’t Do It Alone

Recovering from an industrial injury or occupational disease is difficult enough. Don’t waste valuable energy attempting to battle for your benefits on your own.